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Item NameGradesSynonymsCASPacking
5- Sulfosalicylic Acid SSA97-05-2Metal Drum
Acetyl Tributyl Citrate ATBC77-90-7Drum and Tote
Aluminum Nitrate 9H2OACS 7784-27-2Fiber Drum
Aluminum SulfateACS USP 17927-65-0Fiber Drum
Ammonium AcetateACS 631-61-8Fiber Drum
Ammonium CarbonateACS FCC 506-87-6Various
Ammonium ChlorideACS 12125-02-9Fiber Drum
Ammonium FluorideACS 12125-01-8Fiber Drum
Ammonium MolybdateACS 12054-85-2Plastic Drum
Ammonium Nitrate ACS 6484-52-2Fiber Drum
Ammonium OxalateMonohydrate ACS 6009-70-7Fiber Drum
Ammonium SulfateACS 7783-20-2Various
Ammonium Sulfide 20%,40%  12135-76-1Various
Ammonium ThiocyanateACS 1762-95-4Plastic Drum
Ascorbic AcidUSPVitaminC50-81-7Box
Barium CarbonateACS 513-77-9Bag
Barium ChlorideACS 10361-37-2Fiber Drum
Barium NitrateACS 10022-31-8Fiber Drum
Benzyl AlcoholNF FCC 100-51-6Metal Drum
Benzyl Benzoate  120-51-4Metal Drum
Bromoform  75-25-2Metal Drum
Calcium AcetateACS 5743-26-0Fiber Drum
Calcium CarbonateACS Ultra HIgh Purity 471-34-1Various
Calcium Chloride AnhydrousACS 10043-52-4Fiber Drum
Calcium Chloride DihydrateACS USP FCC 10035-04-8Bag
Calcium HydroxideACS USP 1305-62-0Various
Calcium NitrateACS 13477-34-4Fiber Drum
Calcium PalmitateFCC Kosher 542-42-7Bag
Cobalt Oxide Cobalt (II) Oxide1307-96-6Bag
Cobalt Salts  variousVarious
Copper SulfateACS USPCupric Sulfate Pentahydrate7758-99-8Fiber Drum
Cupric NitrateACSCopper Nitrate19004-19-4Fiber Drum
DiacetinFCC Kosher TechnicalGlycerol Diacetate25395-31-7Metal Drum
Diethyl PhthalateMetal Plastic IBC/ToteDEP84-66-2various
Diethyl Phthalate NFNF PerfumeDEP NF84-66-2Metal Drum
Dimethyl Phthalate DMP131-11-3Metal Drum
Ferrous Sulfate ACS 7782-63-0Various
Furfural  98-01-1Metal Drum
Hydrobromic Acid 48%ACS 10035-10-6Metal Drum
Iodoform  75-47-8Fiber Drum
Isoamyl Alcohol  123-51-3Metal Drum
Isopropyl Alcohol IPA67-63-0Metal Drum
Isopropyl Myristate IPM110-27-0Various
Isopropyl Palmitate IPP142-91-6Various
Lead AcetateACS Technical 6080-56-4Fiber Drum
Lead NitrateACS Technical 10099-74-8Fiber Drum
Lead Oxide Lead (II) Oxide1314-41-6Plastic Drum
Lithium HydroxideTech, Purified 1310-66-3Bag
Lithium Nitrate  7790-69-4Fiber Drum
Magnesium AcetateACS 142-72-3Fiber Drum
Magnesium CarbonateUSP Light and Heavy 546-93-0Box
Magnesium ChlorideACS USP 7791-18-6Various
Magnesium Hydroxide PowderUSP 1309-42-8Bag
Magnesium NitrateACS 13446-18-9Fiber Drum
Magnesium Sulfate 7H2OACS HIgh Purity 10034-99-8Bag
Magnesium Sulfate AnhydrousUSP High Purity HPT HPR 7487-88-9Bag
Manganese AcetateACS 6156-78-1Fiber Drum
Manganese CarbonateUltra HIgh Purity and Tech. 598-62-9Bag
Manganese Chloride 4H2OACS USP 13446-34-9Fiber Drum
Manganese Sulfate MonoUSP FCC 10034-96-5Fiber Drum
MannitolUSP NF 69-65-8Bag
Mercuric ChlorideACS 7487-94-7Plastic Drum
Mercuric OxideACSMercury (II) Oxide21908-53-2Fiber Drum
Methanol  67-56-1Various
Methyl Benzoate  93-58-3Metal Drum
Molybdenum Trioxide  1313-27-5Metal Drum
Molybdic AcidACS 7782-91-4Metal Drum
N,N'-Di-2-naphthyl-p-phenyle. DNPD93-49-9Box
Octyl Epoxy Stearate  106-84-3IBC
Oxalic AcidACS 6153-56-6Plastic Drum
Phenolphthalein WhiteACS 77-09-8Fiber Drum
Phosphomolybdic AcidACS 51429-74-4Pail
Phosphotungstic AcidReagent 12067-99-1Plastic Drum
Polysorbate 20  9005-64-5Metal Drum
Polysorbate 80  9005-65-6Plastic Drum
Potassium Acetate  127-08-2Bag
Potassium BromideACS Photo 7758-02-3Fiber Drum
Potassium Carbonate AnhydrousACS 584-08-7Fiber Drum
Potassium Carbonate SesquihydrACS 6381-79-9Fiber Drum
Potassium DichromateACS 7778-50-9Fiber Drum
Potassium FerricyanideACS 13746-66-2Plastic Drum
Potassium Ferrocyanide 3H20ACS 14459-95-1Plastic Drum
Potassium Hydroxide PelletsACS 1310-58-3Fiber Drum
Potassium IodateACS USP FCC 7758-05-6Fiber Drum
Potassium IodideACS USP 7681-11-0Various
Potassium Iodide NeutralACS 7681-11-0Fiber Drum
Potassium NitrateACS 7757-79-1Plastic Drum
Potassium OxalateACS 6487-48-5Plastic Drum
Potassium Phosphate Di 3H20 Pot. Phos. Dibasic Trihydrate16788-57-1Fiber Drum
Potassium Phosphate Dibas AnhyACS 7758-11-4various
Potassium Phosphate Mono AnhyACS 7778-77-0Plastic Drum
Potassium SulfateACS FCC 7778-80-5Fiber Drum
Potassium ThiocyanateACS 333-20-0Plastic Drum
Propylene GlycolUSPPG57-55-6Various
Silver NitrateACS 7761-88-8Bottle
Silver OxideType (II) 20667-12-3Fiber Drum
Sodium Acetate AnhydrousACS USP 127-09-3Fiber Drum
Sodium Acetate TrihydrateACS USP FCC 6131-90-4Fiber Drum
Sodium Bromide  7647-15-6Bag
Sodium Carbonate AnhydrousNF FCC ACS BP EP JP 497-19-8 
Sodium Carbonate MonoNF FCC ACS BP EP JP 5968-11-6Fiber Drum
Sodium ChromateACS 7775-11-3Fiber Drum
Sodium Hydroxide PelletsACS 1310-73-2Fiber Drum
Sodium IodideACS 7681-82-5Fiber Drum
Sodium MolybdateACS 7631-95-0Bag
Sodium NitrateACS 7631-99-4Fiber Drum
Sodium Periodate / Metaperiodate  7790-28-5Pail
Sodium PeroxideACS 1313-60-6Metal Drum
Sodium Phosphate Dibasic 7H20ACS 7782-85-6Fiber Drum
Sodium Phosphate Dibasic AnhyACS 7758-79-4Plastic Drum
Sodium Phosphate Mono Dihyd  13472-35-0Fiber Drum
Sodium Phosphate Mono MonoACS FCC USP 10049-21-5Fiber Drum
Sodium PyrophosphateTECH 13472-36-1Bag
Sodium SulfateACS HE 7757-82-6Various
Sodium Thiosulfate 5H2OACS 10102-17-7Bag
Stannous Chloride  10025-69-1Pail
Stannous Oxide Tin (II) Oxide21651-19-4Bag
Strontium Carbonate  1633-05-2Bag
Strontium ChlorideACS 10476-85-4Fiber Drum
Strontium NitrateACS 10042-76-9Fiber Drum
Succinic AcidACS 110-15-6Bag
Thymolphthalein  125-20-2Various
Titanium DioxideFCC 13463-67-7Bag
TriacetinUSP FCC EP Kosher TechGlycerin Triacetate102-76-1Metal Drum
Trichloroacetic AcidACS 76-03-9Plastic Drum
Triethyl Citrate TEC77-93-0Metal Drum
Vanadium Pentoxide  1314-62-1Fiber Drum
Zinc AcetateACS USP 5970-45-6Fiber Drum
Zinc ChlorideUSP ACS Reagent 7646-85-7Fiber Drum
Zinc NitrateReagent AR 7779-88-6Fiber Drum
Zinc StearateNF EP Kosher 557-05-1Various
Zinc Sulfate HeptahydrateACS USP 7446-20-0Various
Zinc Sulfate MonohydrateFCC USP Kosher 7446-19-7Fiber Drum

Established in 1984, Allan Chemical Corporation is dedicated to providing customers with personal attention and value.  Quality and service have been, and continue to be, our driving forces. We are importers and exporters with multiple warehouses; who work with well-respected domestic and international partners to provide prompt shipment and timely deliveries of high-quality chemical raw materials.

many of our products conform to, or exceed, the latest compendia of quality standards such as ACS, USP/NF, FCC, EP, BP, JP, Kosher and Halal. Depending on the product, we offer chemicals made under cGMP and those that are certified as allergen free, animal testing free, BSE/TSE free, GMO free, irradiation free, melamine free, pesticide free, etc. Our line of products include flavor and fragrance ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates and excipients, laboratory reagents, plasticizers, lubricants for plastics and tableting applications, chemicals for silk-screen cleaning and electronics manufacturing, 3D printing filament, among many others.

We pride ourselves on being sourcing experts, and welcome custom inquiries for those hard-to-find products you can’t seem to locate. Call us; we are here to help. Specifications, Certificates of Analysis, and MSDS / SDS are available upon request. If you have special requirements, we can offer products specifically produced to meet your particular needs and specifications.

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